At Greene Espel, our attorneys share their time and talents to civic and community causes to pursue justice for those who cannot afford it and also to advocate for better systems of justice to underserved populations in Minnesota and around the world.

We have achieved this through valued partnerships with legal organizations including The Advocates for Human Rights, Children’s Law Center, Neighborhood Justice Center, The Pro Se Project, and the Volunteer Lawyers Network. We also partner with clients who have strong and mutual commitments to giving back to our communities so that we can pool our talents and resources to better serve those in need.

Because we take seriously our obligation to help change lives and transform communities, we encourage everyone at Greene Espel to participate in community service through firm-wide sponsored initiatives, charitable contributions, and individual pursuits of a wide array of volunteer opportunities.  

Some recent highlights of our pro bono activities include:

  • Helped reunite a pro bono client with her husband and six children after five years of separation. The client was forced to flee from her home country of Burundi in 2012 after she spoke out against public corruption. In partnership with The Advocates for Human Rights, we began representing her in 2013 in her petition for political asylum, which she obtained in 2015. We continued to help her petition to reunite with her family, which happened in 2017.
  • Presented to the United Nations. On behalf of The Advocates for Human Rights, Greene Espel attorney Matt Forsgren presented a statement to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. The statement emphasized issues of gender equality, discrimination against women and girls, and children’s rights in Haiti. Forsgren urged technical cooperation to address violence against women by working with NGOs, such as The Advocates.
  • Successfully defended state statute banning false political endorsement claims. Two Greene Espel clients were forced to defend the constitutionality of a state statute. We briefed and argued the case before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The Court agreed with our clients and upheld the statute.
Please contact us for inquiries on our pro bono initiatives.