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Restructure Your Organization to Actually Advance Racial Justice

There’s been an influx of interest in DEI of late. This HBR piece explores how to prevent your organization from merely hosting a one-off training and, instead, think about how to truly advance equity and inclusion for Black employees.

How do we do that?

First, “Invest in (the Right) Employee Education.”

White Americans and Black Americans can have dramatically different views of how much progress has been made toward racial equity. Trainings on allyship and unconscious bias can help educate White Americans about the history and current experience of being a Black American.

Second, “Build Connection and Community.”

We build connections and community when we consciously include everyone and don’t avoid conversations about current events. Workplaces can prioritize authentic connections and conversations. 

Third, “Go Beyond Recruiting and Hiring.”

Focusing on hiring diverse employees is great, but let’s make sure we also think about closing gaps at every level—from the most junior associate to the most senior executives, we should strive for diversity. Hiring, retention, and promotion are all important. Being thoughtful about work assignments and performance reviews can help us improve our retention and promotion of diverse talent. 

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