We’re deliberately different. To provide our clients with the best possible service, we rejected the traditional law-firm model. We don’t track origination; every client is a firm client. We don’t have associates; our attorneys have an equal vote in the firm’s management. Our unique approach attracts and retains top-notch talent. And every Greene Espel attorney is personally invested in our clients’ success.

Our approach gets results. Research conducted at Google demonstrates that teams achieve extraordinary results when group norms facilitate collaboration and cooperation. When group norms discourage collaboration, the collective intelligence of the group can never exceed that of any one individual. We are proud that Greene Espel encourages participation and contribution at every level—from administrative assistants and paralegals as well as our most junior and most senior attorneys. Everyone at our firm contributes to our representation of each client. We know that our collective intelligence is greater than any one person, and we are eager to bring the power of our teams to bear for our clients.

Our colleagues in the legal community agree, recognizing and honoring our firm and our attorneys. 

So what is the Greene Espel approach?

We work collaboratively with you: We listen to our clients, appreciate how they define success, collaborate, and propose strategies that align with their goals. We believe that the best time to make good decisions is at the outset, and we’ll work with you to undertake an early case assessment. In keeping with our collaborative approach, if you have in-house attorneys or experts, or even other firms with whom you like to work, we will welcome them to the team.  

We avoid overstaffing and overlappingWe don’t waste our time or your money staffing every case with a large team. Each case gets exactly the personnel it needs. No more. No less.  We tailor our solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This serves our interests, too. We want you to hire us again.

We welcome discussions about billing arrangements: We appreciate our clients’ cost consciousness and readily explore custom-fee arrangements. In a recent Law360 article, we were singled out for our “concrete risk-sharing pricing” and “strong willingness to tie fees to client success.” We understand that some matters call for a traditional hourly rate, while others are better suited to contingent fees, flat fees, blended rates, or other custom-fee models. We welcome the opportunity to strategize regarding the billing arrangement that best suits your matter. We aim for win-win relationships that focus on the long-term value of the relationship rather than the profitability of individual matters.

Each attorney is personally invested in our clients’ success: We hire the finest attorneys, treat them like equals, and encourage them to invest themselves in our organization. As a result of our unique structure, we have been able to attract and retain attorneys of the highest quality. Our lawyers frequently outpunch the biggest firms in the world at a fraction of the cost.


  • Greene Espel Named to BTI Client Service A-Team 2019

    Greene Espel Named to BTI Client Service A-Team 2019

    The BTI Client Service A-Team are the law firms singled out by clients as best at client service. "BTI Client Service A-Team 2019 (is) the end result of 350 in-depth interviews with top legal decision makers at the world’s leading organizations. This year’s leaders in client service have proven their client service prowess to legal decision makers on an ongoing basis—fostering and maintaining strong client relationships." BTI Consulting

  • Greene Espel Ranked in BTI Brand Elite 2018

    Greene Espel Ranked in BTI Brand Elite 2018

    "BTI Brand Elite" ranks the law firms with the best brand standing among General Counsels and top legal decision makers. The report measures law-firm differentiation and brand nationally across nine key factors that clients use to distinguish one law firm from another. Based solely on client feedback, the report identifies the best branded law firms—the firms worthy of premiums and positioned for complex work.

  • Minnesota Business Magazine Names Greene Espel as One of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”

    Minnesota Business Magazine Names Greene Espel as One of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”

    Minnesota Business magazine selected Greene Espel as one of the “2018 100 Best Companies to Work For.” We are honored that Minnesota Business recognizes our dedicated legal professionals’ diligent efforts to maintain a culture that fosters trust, collaboration, integrity, and innovation—all to our clients’ benefit.