A customer sued Honeywell International Inc. in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for almost $22 million claiming that Honeywell was obligated to create video surveillance hardware and software customized for the customer and its end-users.  In reality, although there had been discussions about the development of such a system for years, the customer had never accepted any of Honeywell’s various proposals. 

Greene Espel brought a motion to dismiss, and the court dismissed all of the plaintiff’s tort and promissory estoppel claims with prejudice—leaving only a claim for breach of implied contract. At the close of discovery, Greene Espel moved for summary judgment, and the court threw out that remaining claim.  The court also granted Greene Espel’s motion for affirmative summary judgment on Honeywell’s counterclaim for breach of a written agreement to purchase certain goods.

Mark Johnson, Holley Horrell, and Anna Tobin represented Honeywell in the litigation.