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We provide an insider’s perspective and the experience to vindicate your interests and defend your name in complex criminal and regulatory matters. 

Our team, which includes a former federal prosecutor and former in-house counsel for a healthcare organization, a former FBI agent, and multiple former federal and state judicial law clerks, gives you an insiders’ perspective on criminal and regulatory investigations and prosecutions and has the experience needed to vigorously defend your interests. Even the most careful and honest businesses and individuals can unwittingly find themselves under the microscope of federal and state prosecutors, regulators, and law enforcement agents. We stand with our organizational and individual clients in the face of complex investigations and prosecutions and provide them the advice and advocacy they need to gain peace of mind and to clear their names. We are also prepared to take your case to trial if needed, having tried dozens of criminal cases. 

We have significant experience representing individuals and entities all over the United States in criminal and regulatory investigations and prosecutions, including parallel civil and criminal investigations alleging fraud, embezzlement, cybercrimes, healthcare fraud, environmental crimes, corruption, securities fraud, tax crimes, RICO matters, among many others. In each case, we proactively achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

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Related Practices

  • Anti-corruption and FCPA

    Greene Espel rivals big firms with its experienced group of corruption and FCPA investigators and counselors. We help companies efficiently and effectively investigate allegations of corruption, assess their compliance programs, and present their best possible case to prosecutors and regulators. 

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  • False Claims Act and Health Care Litigation

    We have the experience to help clients—particularly those in the healthcare industry—navigate the ever-expanding breadth of False Claims Act (“FCA”) and health care litigation.  We have achieved success for our clients at every phase—conducting thorough investigations, persuading government agencies not to intervene in whistleblower suits, obtaining dismissals through motion practice, negotiating favorable settlements with government agencies and relators, and taking cases through litigation and trial. 

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  • Internal Investigations

    We leverage our experience to conduct sensitive and high-profile internal investigations for our clients. We also help clients navigate investigations to mitigate reputational, regulatory, and litigation risks. 

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Greene Espel Welcomes Attorney Chad Blumenfield to the Firm

Chad joins Greene Espel as a Partner to expand our significant capabilities to represent clients in False Claims Act cases, healthcare litigation, government and internal investigations, and high stakes litigation in a variety of industries.

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We strive to become our clients’ trusted partners and confidants. We guide them through stressful investigations and prosecutions with compassion, experience, and straightforward advice.   

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Sending information to us via this feature does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any communications containing confidential or sensitive information if you have not already retained Greene Espel PLLP to represent you.